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This is my “Fun” page, filled with happy puppies and their families. I would like to thank all my new min pin owners who have sent me pictures and reviews. I love to keep updated on your puppies.

min pin breeder

Cyndie & Anita Humphrey / Memphis, TN

“Tailwag Min Pin Breeder is by far the best and only place I will ever get a min pin from. I lost my 15-year-old min pin in March, and it shattered my heart. I posted looking for a puppy, and Tailwag responded that she had puppies available. I loved how she makes sure you’re the perfect fit for one of her babies. I cried when Tailwag told me that I had been chosen for Maya. I can’t tell you how happy I am about my baby girl. She is stunningly beautiful in every way. Her personality is loving and playful, her coloring is stunning, and her ears stand on their own but flop when relaxed (adorable). I can’t talk enough about Tailwag min pin breeder.”

Jennifer Sigler / Norfolk, VA

“Takumi is our baby, and we are grateful to have discovered Tailwag min pin breeder. Tailwag and I spoke for a while so she could get to know me, check my references, and consult with my vet before we got Takumi. I was impressed by how much they cared. We’re still in touch today, and I send photos of Takumi. I would recommend Tailwag to anyone looking for a great min pin.”
min pin breeder
min pin breeder

Ryan kichler / Tampa, FL

“We adore the new addition to our furry family. Max is my sweet, loving boy. He is definitely a mamma’s boy. Tailwag is extremely knowledgeable and will provide guidance and support when asked. Max is a healthy puppy. We are delighted to be part of her Tailwag Family.”

Alison & Thomas Wood / Mesa, AZ

“Lizzy has been an amazing darling; I was expecting her to try to devour everything in my house and have to work on house training her, but she has yet to cause an accident in my home. She gets along well with her older brother, and they spend the day running around and playing together. She is the most beautiful girl, and people frequently approach me to compliment her on her appearance. I just wanted to update you on how wonderful she has been.”
min pin breeder
min pin breeder

Monika Zalewska / San Jose, CA

“I adore Tailwag. When I lost my Min Pin Spike, she was happy to answer my questions, and even though she did not have a litter at the time, she pointed me in the right direction, which is how I found my Magoo, and I guarantee that my next puppy will come from her. Very caring. Breeder”

Jalen M Britton / Atlantic City, NJ

“We purchased Stacy from Tailwag, and she is absolutely perfect. Tailwag was very informative, helpful, and available throughout the entire process. Stacy is incredibly intelligent, loving, and a wonderful addition to our family.”

miniature pinscher for sale
miniature pinscher for sale

Dianne Sano / Houston, TX

“I purchased a puppy from Tailwag. Her name is Khloe, and she is absolutely gorgeous, has a great temperament, and is exactly what our family needs. She is extremely knowledgeable, helpful with any questions, and genuinely cares about each and every one of her puppies. I highly recommend that if you are looking for a puppy, you contact Tailwag. I’m definitely getting a brother for Khloe.”

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